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I just love this picture of beautiful Brittany!  She could totally be a cover model, yes?

Tucson teen models for senior picturs at senior portrait session

I’ve entered this image in the Chic Magazine cover contest over at Chic Critique.
Wish us luck – there are so many beautiful images!


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Has it bitten you yet? The Pinterest bug?  I could (and, um, sometimes do) spend hours devouring Pinterest.  I tell my husband that "I'm working." Uh huh. I think he's on to me. But honestly, what's not to love about Pinterest?  Inspiration, decorating, yummy recipes, style and fashion, hair and make-up, DIY projects, pretty pictures…it’s all.right.there. 

It’s so easy – if you like it, Pin it.
Thanks to my assistant, Callie, you can now Pin your favorites from our blog.  She’s added a Pin It button  and now you can add your favorite SNP photos and blog posts to your own Pin boards.

Picture of Tucson teen capturing seniro's beauty using the sunflare technique

 We are even working hard at creating some inspiration boards for our clients, so they can find ideas for locations and inspiration for wardrobe choices.  Awesome, yes?

Oh, and hey - you can follow me on Pinterest - I'm StephNewbold. Follow me, and I'll follow you back!

 Sigh. I love Pinterest.


Brittany's Senior Pictures (Sneak Peek!) | Tucson Senior Pictures, Senior Picture Photographer in Tucson

WOW WOW WOW. I have no words.
I think being a senior portrait photographer here in Tucson is the BEST. JOB. EVER.

Meet Brittany,  our Class of 2013 Senior Model from Cienega High School.

Oro Valley Teen poses for senior pictures

 Isn't she stunning?
Friends of Brittany's: Ask her about booking your own senior session with me! There's a little something special when you do :)

Thanks to Alexis Whaples, Illusions Salon, for doing the professional make-up for Brittany's senior portrait model session!


Crush (Part 2 of 2, Laundromat Fun!) | Tucson Photographer, Oro Valley Photographer

Oh, boy...
No, really. OH BOY.  As in, OH, look at the BOY we had in our stylized, laundromat "Crush" shoot :) A couple of photographer friends and I got together to shake off the borings and do a little "just for us" shooting. Since I'm mainly a high school senior portrait photographer, and a family portrait photographer, here in Tucson, this was a bit of a departure for me. I mean, these obviously aren't senior pictures :) And honestly, I wouldn't bring my familes to the grungy laundromat for their family portraits. That is, unless of, they insisted on a unique portrait location. It is, after all, all about them!
Any how, iIf you recall from Crush, Part 1, we had a lot of fun with our laundromat location. It was a great surprise for us, with all of the pretty bright natural light.  And the pretty BOY was a treat for us, too!
Meet Mike.
Male model poses in local Tucson business for styled photo session

Mike answered our model call, and was kind enough to let us subject him to our whim and whimsy. I'm not sure he knew just what he'd signed up for when he agreed to model for us, but he was a great sport, and up for pretty much anything we asked him to do.
Oh gosh, we did a lot of laughing - I mean, how often do you get to ask a hunky guy to take off his shirt in a public place??? AWKWARD.
Hunky model sits in casual setting

But we had a great time putting together our little photo "soap" opera. (get it? "soap"...laundromat... hahah). Mike and Cassie did such great job working together, even though they just met at the shoot. Here's the rest of Crush, Part 2. I hope you enjoy this session as much as we did!
Brown eyed beauty gazes at professional photographer's camera

Professionally styled woman poses for picture.

Professionally dressed models pose for pictures during styled picture session
Model poses at Tucson business
Handsome man smells hair of woman with professional make up

Beautiful woman models local Tucson make up artist's work

Tucson photographer captures sharp eyes of model in this picture
Special thanks to Alexis Whaples, of Illusions Salon, for Cassie's beautiful make-up.  Cassie's look transitioned from clean and bright to urban edgey -- you can catch a peek of that part of our shoot next week!
Until then...
Psst: Alexis is also our make-up artist for my Couture Sessions, for high school senior pictures. Class of 2013 -- you won't want to miss working with Alexis! Book your senior session by contacting me today!
~ Stephanie Newbold is an on-location, natural light photographer specializing in modern custom portraiture for Tucson’s stylish high school seniors.


Carly's Sneak Peek | Tucson Senior Pictures, Senior Picture Photographer

Tucson Photographer uses best senior picture poses during session


Crush (Part 1 of 2) | Tucson Photographer, Oro Valley Photographer

Oh gosh - I am so excited to share this fun, stylized photo shoot with you all! I absolutely love being a high school senior photographer, and family photographer, here in Tucson. Honestly - there is nothing that makes me happier. Except maybe a big hug from my kids, or a grande skinny hazelnut latte from Starbucks (yes, I might have a SLIGHT addiction).

Anyway, sometimes, you just need to shake things up a bit, right?  Feeling a little bit restless with my photography, I talked to a couple of photographer friends  (Hi, Michelle! Hi, Jess!) and found they were wanting to do something a little different, too. 

We tossed around a lot of ideas and finally  came up with something that was different for all three of us – a laundromat. Yep. A laundromat. As on-location, natural light photographers, who typically photograph families, high school seniors, and newborns,  we were thinking this might challenge us a bit – indoor fluorescent light, crowded spaces, and little control over our environment. As it turned out, it was an amazing location for light! The white walls and floor were awesome natural reflectors, and we had two whole walls of floor to ceiling windows, where the afternoon sunlight just poured in and created a perfect softbox for us. And a little challenge for me, since I typically shoot a tad bit overexposed anyway. 

 Michelle (Michelle Perry Photography) and I put together a wardrobe (albeit a skimpy one!) and shopped for some props. I loved the retro soda pop we found and the adorable patterned straws! Orange Crush was my favorite as a kid, and a perfect prelude to our shoot theme (stay tuned for part 2!). 

Jessica (Chirpy D Photography) put out a model call and found our handsome guy, Mike, and Cassie – a photographer’s dream.  Cassie was so much fun – and totally up for anything we could come up with. The girl can rock a laundromat and urban alley (urban scene coming up in part 2, also) like nobody’s business! 

Beautiful woman poses natually wearing Arizona shirt

Here's a peek at the first part of our stylized shoot here in Tucson. It's a little more "grown up" than my normal sessions, but well, Cassie is more grown up than my normal clients are, too :) She's not a high school senior...this gorgeous girl is a student at the University of Arizona, and if you're not a Wildcat fan already,well,  you will be now!

Simple photograph with a pop of color and beautiful natural light

Young woman sips soda at local Tucson Arizona location

Local University of Arizona student poses for a styled photo session

Brown haired young woman shows style in fun photo session

Arizona fan wears team wardrobe while posing for Tucson photographer

Photograph of Tucson woman with gorgeous brown eyesBeautiful girl sits on washing machine at local Tucson business

I know I said this is part 1 of 2, but really, it’s more like a little peek. Next week, we’ll share more of gorgeous Cassie, and a little bit of hunky Mike, too. I hope you'll join us! Oh, and a big thank you to Alexis Whaples, our amazing make-up artist! Cassie's look lasted through 3  hours of shooting and barely needed a touch up!


Stephanie Newbold is an on location, natural light photographer specializing in custom portraiture for Tucson’s fabulous families and high school seniors.


Crush - Sneak Peek | Tucson Photographer

Who doesn't love a sweet Crush ??

Here's a little peek at the "just for fun" editorial shoot I did (last spring!) with my photographer friends.  Can you guess where this shot took place?? Stay tuned for more ;)

Stay tuned for more ;)
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