Sweet Pea ~ Tucson Baby Photographer

Her name is really "Hannah" but how could you look at that sweet face and not want to call her "Sweet Pea"? And what a little love to work with! I've been photographing Hannah since she was a newborn and can't get over how calm and sweet she is. This was our 6 month session and she was full of smiles - especially for her Daddy. Her little face just lights up when he's near!

Thanks, Trisha and Dan, for sharing your Sweet Pea!

Baby Face

Baby girl

Child Portrait

Holiday MiniSession Specials! ~ Tucson Family Photographer

They're here, they're here! Holiday mini-session specials are here!
I know, I know. It's hot. and humid. and icky. and it's AUGUST for pete's sake.

You probably haven't given much thought to the holidays. But it's time to start planning for your family photos, holiday cards, and gifts for the grandparents! 

And you're in luck - because I have TWO great specials for those of you who are short on time or have husbands (like I do) who run and hide at the thought of family photos. The mini-session is perfect for you - 30 minutes of your time, and think of all the happy friends and family you'll have when they receive prints of your smiling faces :)
Photo Session Sales
Photo Price List


Love, Honor, Duty ~ Tucson Family Photographer

I'm not brave, or strong, or dedicated.  I'm not honor and duty bound. I'm not a glorious patriot.
But I know someone who is.
I've never had to wait months for my loved one to come home. I've never had to
to let go of someone so that they could go fight for people that they didn't know. I've never had to tell my kids that their Daddy can't come home tonight because he's far away, fighting for something important... for something they aren't old enough yet to understand.
But I know someone who does.
And I am so honored to be able to help Alex & Jenny capture a few treasured moments of everyday life before Alex's deployment - the giggles & grins, the hugs & kisses, the mile wide smiles.
Hurry home, Alex...they're waiting for you !

Boy with Dad
Family Portrait
Picture of Boy with DadFamily Feet

Awesomeness ~ Tucson Photographer

Meet Allee. Also known as Miss Complete Total Awesomeness.
My friends & clients Kash & Jodi recently messaged me with a mini emergency:

Kash's daughter Allee was leaving for Montana & they were hoping to get a quick session with their beautiful girl. Due to an interplanetary cosmic convergence, I had a last minute session open up. YAY!!

Allee started our session a little shy, letting me direct her posing (sit here, chin down, eyes up, *SMILE*) but by the end of our time together, she was rockin' it, letting me know what SHE wanted (I LOVE WHEN THIS HAPPENS!)

Miss Allee, I hope you love Montana. But please come back soon. I miss you already :)

Teen girl

Teenage Girl
Beautiful Portrait of teen


Let the Wild Rumpus Begin! ~ Tucson Child Photographer {Stephanie Newbold Photography}

Oooh how I love when my little clients let loose and start having fun...when their little personalities emerge!
Like little miss Anya's did.
We started our session in an adorable dress with matching bloomers and hair bow. And little by little, as our session progressed, Anya blossomed. This little cutie pie ran, climbed, smelled the flowers, splashed in the fountain, climbed up the steps and down the steps, played horsie with her mommy, held hands with her Daddy.

We got some great shots of her in her cutie little outfit - but these are some of my favorites. Anya in her cap, exploring her world !
Baby Girl

Toddler Girl
Adorable Child Photo
Toddler Child Photo


Haute Mamas Wanted ~ Tucson Child Photographer, Tucson Family Photographer

Stephanie Newbold Photography is looking for a few good mamas.

And not just any mamas. I’m looking for mamas with connections…mamas who know people.

I’m lookin’ for a SpokesMama.

What’s a SpokesMama? She's a local mom, or mom to be, who wants to be a spokeswoman for Stephanie Newbold Photography.

Adorable Child Photo

A SpokesMama will tell her friends about Stephanie Newbold Photography. She'll take every opportunity to share the photos that were taken during her session and talk about her experience. She'll use referral cards, brag books, printed materials, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, mom’s groups, book clubs, email, etc. to refer other like-minded families. (Printed pieces will be provided by Stephanie Newbold Photography).

Each SpokesMama will receive a free Portrait Session, a free wall portrait, a CD of watermarked session images, a brag book and a set of SpokesMama referral cards customized with her child’s photo.

The SpokesMama will also receive a 25% discount on all sessions/purchases during her year-long 'tenure', and earn studio points with every referral session booked and completed. Points can be redeemed for free prints, wall canvases, photo books, albums, or a variety of gift cards (Starbucks, Borders, Restaurants, Spas, etc). Good stuff, huh?

Applications are being accepted for mamas of newborn babies, babies ages 1-3, and children ages 4-7.

To apply, please complete this short questionnaire about why you would be the perfect SpokesMama.

SpokesMama Application (click to complete)


Good luck!

Precious one, So small, So sweet ~ Tucson Newborn Photographer, Tucson Baby Photographer

...comfy, cozy and fast asleep! And sleep she did - all through our session. Not a peep, not a whimper. We changed her diaper, changed her clothes, tried on hats. Precious little Peyton Elizabeth snoozed the morning away, curled up like a kitten.

I think it was all due to her diva-licious leopard print blanket. 10 days old, and Miss Thang knows what she likes :) 

baby girl

Sleeping Baby
newborn baby picture


Itty Bitty Baby Girl ~ Tucson Newborn Photographer, Tucson Baby Photographer, Tucson Photographer

Her name is Mia...but I think they should call her "Ohso" - for Oh, Soooo Precious :)
This itty bitty baby girl totally captured my heart - that sweet sweet face, perfect little fingers and toes, and her complete curiousity about what was going on around her. Don't let this first picture fool you - she definitely didn't want to sleep. She kept one eye on that lady with the camera at all times!

Thanks, Andrew and Beth, for sharing your oh so precious girl with me! Here's hoping Miss Mia is making friends with the Sandman, so Mommy and Daddy can catch a few winks too!

Baby Girl
Newborn Baby PhotoAdorable baby in hat


Twinkle Twinkle, Little Boy... ~ Tucson Baby Photographer {Stephanie Newbold Photography}

...how you fill my heart with joy!

Seriously, how can your heart not smile when you see this blue eyed bundle of baby boy?  At 6 months old he's already a world traveler & can perform amazing feats of braun & bravery, like sitting up, standing up, and crawling backwards :)

Happy 1/2 birthday, Sweet Harry. Here's a sneak peek for your Mum & Dad!

Baby Boy

Boy in HatCute Boy
Little Boy

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