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Black Friday Deals & Steals!



How Much Do I Love This Family? ~ Tucson Family Photographer {Stephanie Newbold Photography}

Sooo soooo much! Meet my friend Roz and her amazingly cute family :)
Baby Evan arrived in September, and big sis Riley is always one of my favorite little people to photograph. So when I had a chance to photograph her family, I jumped on it! Roz is someone who makes me smile - every single time I see her. She just makes my heart happy.
This is a huge picture share - waaay more that I would normally post. But I couldn't pick a favorite from Roz's family session, there are so many that I like.
Not because they are such amazing photos. But because they are photos of amazing people :) Enjoy, Ty and Roz!

Family Portrait
Portrait of brother and sisterFamily Portraits
Family Portraits
Child Portrait
Photo of Child


Lil' Redhead ~ Tucson Baby Photographer

I confess -- I have a "thing" for redheads. Especially adorable, giggling, blue eyed, itty bitty redheads like Ariel.
I just *had* to share a few images from our session -- she laughed, she clapped, she giggled, she crawled her way all over the cushy green grass. So much fun!
Here's a peek for her Mommy & Daddy:
Family Portrait
Baby Photo

Dad kissing baby's cheek
Child Photo


Amy & Eric ~ Tucson Family Photographer

Sometimes you lose people. Not on purpose, or for any reason in particular, but because time marches on. People grow, lives get busy and people who were once big in your life slip away.

Since it’s the time of year where we often take time to think about what we’re thankful for, I’d like to say I’m thankful for Facebook. Yep. Facebook.

Thankful because Facebook allows you to reconnect with all kinds of people you’ve lost contact with. Thankful because through Facebook, I’ve been able to connect with my friend Amy.

When Amy contacted me about doing her family photos, my heart did a little happy dance! And then sank a little bit because I realized just how long it’s been since I’d seen her, and that I’d never met her husband and youngest daughter.

Amy picked one of her favorite spots for her session, and now it’s one of mine too. I had the best time with Amy and her beautiful, charming family. We had a great session and got some fun shots.

Amy & Eric – thanks for sharing your afternoon with me. Here are a couple of MY favorite images from our session.
Family Portrait

Family Candid Shot

Child Portrait

Picture of Child

Picture of Couple in Desert


H is for Hannah ~ Tucson Baby Photographer

...but F is for "fun" and for "Fall"!

Yes, we had to improvise a bit with the Fall leaves (it IS Tucson, AZ, after all!) but Miss Hannah didn't mind a bit! She had a ball romping in the leaves, and I had a ball capturing her wonder and excitement at something new.

Here's a sneak peek of our morning together:
Photos of baby playing in leaves
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