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Hi everyone, it's Callie - the new creative director, assistant extraordinaire, office manager and girl wonder for Stephanie Newbold Photography :)   Steph wanted to help you with ideas for your photo shoots, and I wanted to help her help you!

Choosing the perfect outfits for your family portrait session can be such a daunting task!  We tend to totally overthink things, going for a particular "look" we have in our heads. Our family recently had a session with the lovely "Miss Stephanie" (as my oldest son calls her) and I spent hours contemplating what my boys would wear, what to put my husband in where he'd feel comfortable yet slightly dressed up, and of course which of my outfits would look most flattering.  Ugh.  It was quite the task!  For so long, we have been indoctrinated with the idea that for family pictures, we must be matchy-matchy.  Thankfully, times have changed.  The day of the dreaded "matching sweater" Christmas portrait is the thing of the past!

Below you will find several wardrobe ideas to help aid you in picking the perfect outfits for upcoming photo shoot!  The idea here is to coordinate your look by dressing in complementary styles, colors, and accessories, but by no means do you need to "match".   Hi, it's Stephanie, hijacking Callie's post and inserting my own plea: PLEASE, NO MATCHY MATCHY OUTFITS ;) Don't go there. CALL ME. I CAN HELP!

Have fun with color, styles, fabrics and textures, and most of all, wear something to your session that you feel comfortable in!  It will be hard for your photographer to get "natural" pictures when you are so preoccupied with whether you look "okay" in your outfit.

See how these styles mix and match colors and patterns, textures and layers?
The looks are totally pulled together, but everyone gets to put their
own personality into their outfit!

 Don't forget about those teenagers with their up and coming Senior Picture Portrait session. We know you have a certain way you'd like them to look, but really, you want to be sure they they wear something that makes a statement about who they are and what they stand for at this point in their life. 

It is often very difficult to get teen guys to cooperate for pictures.  The outfits below are fun and comfortable "looks".  It's hard enough to get your guys to agree to a photo session, and you're more likely to get a smile or two out of them if they don't despise the outfit they are wearing!

No offense, guys, but girls are sooo much easier!

 Check out these sassy little numbers. For girls we suggest keeping it "classic", but by all means throw in those accessories and adorable shoes!  Make it fun.  After all, it IS all about her right now!  The outfits below are super cute - and they don't consist of waaaaay too tiny shorty shorts and itty bitty tops, which makes posing a little difficult when we're focused on covering  up body parts -- no panty peeks here, and no wardrobe malfunctions allowed here!

Most importantly, be comfortable, be awesome, be you! We'll do the rest. PS - your photo session includes a wardrobe consultation - call us!

:) Callie


Good DNA - Tucson Family Photographer

I'm a “swim” mom...both of my kids swim. While it isn't always the most glamorous job in the world (ie. playing taxi driver bright and early every Saturday morning or sitting on the hot pool decks in the Arizona heat), it does come with its own benefits. One of the biggest perks of the “job” is getting to spend so much time with so many amazing families. Meet the Romero-Lyle family, one of my favorite swim families!

Carol is a friend of mine and I *heart* their family! I had the opportunity awhile back to photograph this wonderful family and loved every second of it. Not only are they such amazing people, but they are quite the sight for sore eyes...especially their youngest! Parents, lock up your daughters because Nick here is quite the heart throb! :) He is talented as well. He is a swimmer for Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics, along with his sister, Miranda.

Miranda is a senior at Salpointe Catholic High School and is about to graduate. She is getting ready to go off to college. She has already been accepted at Pepperdine in Malibu, CA and San Diego. She is amazingly talented, not to mention, gorgeous. I am sure that she will be able to go anywhere she wants and do anything she sets her mind to! She recently did some modeling, along with her mom, at the 8th annual Lady Lancer Fashion Show, Fashion for All Seasons, sponsored by the Salpointe Parent Association.

It truly is my honor be a part of preserving the memory of this day forever. Thank you, friends! You are a blessing to me and so many around you!

Beautiful couple!
Love, love, love....aren't they gorgeous!

high school senior portrait
Miranda...a beauty inside and out.

sister and brother photograph
Don't they look like so much fun? Well, they are!

teen boy photograph
Nick...serious crush material!

Daughter and Son kissing Mom on Cheek
Lovin' their mama!

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice {Tucson Baby Photographer, Tucson AZ}

Picture the scene...the loud booming of fireworks outside your window into the wee hours of the night. Your one year old daughter NOT sleeping due to the noise. On a normal night, it wouldn't be ideal, but you'd survive. On the night before an early morning photo shoot, it is nightmare for any parent! This is exactly what happened to Cole and Nina the night before our shoot. The fireworks at Skyline Country Club had disrupted the beauty sleep of their precious daughter, Ava. Nina feared the worst as we started the shoot, but Ava was a trooper!

Ava arrived with a basket filled with all kinds of adorable clothes! She had everything from tutus to fairy wands to dresses with hats to capris with matching tops. She had a wardrobe big enough to make a grown woman cry with envy. I know I did! Ava didn't let the lack of sleep stop her from immediately crawling over to the basket to pick out her first outfit. She was very opinionated and made sure to let her parents know what outfits she did and did NOT want to wear!

Ava had a ball crawling all over the place exploring. She didn't even seem to mind the morning dew that moistened the grass. We had such a fun morning! You know it is a great photo shoot when you, as the photographer, leave with grass stains on your knees! We played so hard during that morning, I'm pretty sure Ava passed out on the car ride home from exhaustion...I know I sure wanted to. Oh how I love little ones!

Happy Birthday to me!  Happy birthday to me!  Ava turned one on April 23rd.
Already planning out her next wardrobe change.

Don't you wish you had a basket full of outfits like this?  I know I wish I do!

A beautiful child with beautiful parents

Debating whether to climb up onto the window sill or not.

You just can't get any cute than this!

Thank you so much, Cole and Nina, for sharing your beautiful girl with me!


The Blah Blah Bloggity Blog - Tucson Child & Family Photographer

Each and every day, I am reminded how truly blessed I am to share in each of your lives.  I feel so honored to to have your trust in capturing these precious moments in time for you.  It is overwhelming at times to know that out of all the photographers here in southern Arizona, you have chosen me to preserve the here and now for you and your families.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  You are all amazing and beautiful and it truly is my honor to serve you.

In the months to come,  the blog (and my whole business for that matter) is going to be undergoing a major makeover in hopes to better serve you. I am so excited about all the changes that are about to take place!  I am currently working on rebranding and hope to show off my new look to all of you soon.  In the mean time, I need your help.  As many of you have noticed, my poor blog has been in a sad, sad state.  The posts have been few and far between as of late.  It is just a little blah.  It needs a breath of fresh air.  It is face lift time for the blog and with the new look, it needs a new name.  It is time to get the creative juices flowing because this is where you come in...it is contest time! 

Here's the scoop:
  • Leave me a comment on this blog post with your idea for a new blog name.
  • I will consider all the ideas and if I choose one (as long as there are at least 10 entries), the winner will receive a $25 VISA gift card!
  • Entries must be received by May 4th, 2011 by 5 PM (Pacific Time)
Thank you again for allowing me to be the one to capture your beautiful memories!  Stay tuned for more changes...


Rock Your Camera! Workshop - Tucson Child Photographer

March is an amazing time in Tucson!  The weather is phenomenal with it being warm, but not scorching like what we feel in the summer months.  It is sunny and perfect weather to get out and take some photos.  The day of the Rock Your Camera! Workshop was no different. A great group of ladies were in attendance eager to learn more about their cameras and how to capture those every day shots.  The first few hours of the workshop were spent discussing camera basics and settings.  Equipped with new knowledge of their cameras and a little dose of confidence, the ladies were sent off (cameras in hand) to conduct their own photo shoot with some adorable models.

Anyone driving past the park during the photo shoot portion of the workshop must have had a good laugh at our expense.  We were all swarmed around our precious little models like bees on honey.  They were such amazing little sports, though!  They pose and smiled...all the while, there were nine cameras clicking away at them.  They must have felt like rock stars being surrounded by paparazzi.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon.  What could be more better than yummy snacks, adorable models, cameras in hand, and the warm Arizona sun shining down on us?  If you would like to participate in a Rock Your Camera! Workshop, you are in luck!  One is scheduled for this fall. Stay tuned...more details to come.  In the mean time, enjoy the following pictures of our fun day in the sun.


great Tucson photography workshop
What workshop is complete without goody bags?

great Tucson photography workshop
One of our precious little models

great Tucson photography workshop
Beautiful Arabella

great Tucson photography workshop
Another one of our cuties, Miss Riley

great Tucson photography workshop
A little monkeying around

 great Tucson photography workshop
Action shot of Stephanie, compliments of one of the attendees.  Thanks, Deb.
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