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Boots. Sweaters. Jeans. YES!... What to Wear for Your Family Photos - Tucson Family Photographer, Oro Valley Family Photographer, Tucson Family Photos

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This time of year is always crazy busy. Being a child and family photographer here in Tucson, our weather is so great this time of year, that September - November seems to be the perfect time to have your holiday photo session. This family photographer has been busy busy busy (thank you, thank you, thank you!).  I have to confess, though, that it's pretty much my favorite time of year. Not only because I get to see sooo many of your smiling faces for your family holiday photo session, but also because I get to see so many of my favorite locations in Tucson, too. The only part that makes me sad is that I can’t share too many sneak peeks with everyone else (gotta keep those Christmas cards and presents a secret!).

It’s finally fall/winter here in the desert!  There is a crispness in the air.  The nights are cool. I have a cold (just wanted to toss that in there).  It’s the time of year that I love to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, a good book and a great cuppa coffee.  Ahhh…heaven.

Creative what to wear guide for dressing your family for holiday portraits

The thing I love the most about this collection is how everyone is wearing something so drastically different yet it is all tied together by the color palette. Mom’s beautiful dress with wrap around belt.  The girls are dressed in pink layered type shirts adding depth and texture.  I especially love the little details of the flowers and rhinestones on the girls’ shirts. 

Dad and younger brother are sporting sweaters with great texture and paired with a good pair of jeans.  I LOVE jeans in family photos because they add that casual, natural look to the family photo.  Older brother is working the layers with a great plaid jacket emphasizing the yellow in Mom’s dress.  You'd never guess that little bit of yellow would work here, but doesn't it just give the perfect amount of vibrant color? Everyone has a great pair of shoes to finish off the look as well.  I seriously want some of those pink ballet slippers! And notice that no one is breaking the cardinal rule of NO ATHLETIC SNEAKERS :) 

That’s it for now.  Get out there and enjoy that beautiful winter weather we are having here in Tucson.  Spend that extra time with the family and cherish each moment you have together!  I am so blessed to be able to capture some of those moments for you!

Oh, and before I go, I want to send a quick thank you out to all of you who entered my Birthday Bash Giveaway and all the amazing businesses who donated the prizes!  It was sooo much fun to give all those fun prizes away!  My business wouldn’t be celebrating its two year birthday, if it weren’t for each and every one of you! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Winner Winner! ~ Big Birthday Bash Giveway

Congratulations to the winners in our Big Birthday Bash Giveaway, and  great big, heartfelt “thank you” to the generous and wonderful businesses who donated these great prizes!!


Helloooo, Gorgeous Girls! ~ Family Photographer, Tucson AZ | Oro Valley Photographer | Tucson Photgrapher

Being a family photographer here in Tucson, you'd think that the city is so big, with about a million people in it, but really, it's amazingly small, and I just love that! Remember awhile back how I was talking about what a compliment it is for me as your family photographer to be referred to your friends and family?  Honestly, there's just about no better feeling than to have my clients refer their loved ones to me for their family portraits! And well…just imagine how I feel when a referral refers another friend or family member?!? EEEEEEEEEEK!!  It just so happens I had that very thing happen recently!
Meet Julia and Luis and their beautiful girls! Serious gorgeousness alert here! Look at all of these beauties! Amazing eyes and smiles, every one!

Family portrait taken in Tucson backyard with autumn background

Julia was referred to me by Yvonne, the mom of this little cutie and Yvonne was referred to me by Andrea. Talk about color my heart happy!  Getting to meet sooo many wonderful people because others were happy with my work.  Humbling…very humbling.

Beautiful teen girl leans against textured brick wall for senior portrait during session in Tucson

Child smiles at camera standing next to textured rock wall

Beautiful girl smiles up at camera of family photographer

Mom holds baby on cement steps wearing boots

Not only are these girls gorgeous, they are also very sweet, sweet girls! I was super excited when we met for a consultation before her photo session - I mean, what family photographer wouldn't be excited at a chance to photograph all those cute girls! Best of all, Julia let me know that she wanted to make sure the family dog, Scarlett, was included. I am always so excited when people want to include their fur babies in their family photos!

Children including family dog pose for a Christmas portrait in Tucson backyard

Tucson baby with Mom and Dad in family backyard during photo session

This was such a fun family session at their home.  I LOVE doing sessions at people's homes -- it makes the images that much more special and personal when they're framed and hanging on their walls!  I’ll be meeting with Julia soon to design a portrait gallery for their walls!  I’m sooo excited to help her to plan the perfect display for their home.  It’s so fun to see a client soooo happy with their images that they want to display them for the whole world to see.  (Pssst - a design consultation is complimentary when you book your sesssion!)

Candid shot of Tucson parents with baby during family photo session

Thanks again Julia and Luis for welcoming me to your home and sharing your beautiful, sweet girls with me!  And a special thanks to Yvonne for sending your amazing friends my way! 


P.S.  Hey, Mr. (or Mrs.) Blog Reader, do you have a special family pet you want to include in your family session?  Or maybe they are so terrific, they need a session all of their own?  Either way, contact me HERE and we can chat about your amazing 4 legged family members. There's never an extra charge to include them in your session!


Fun Family Photos! ~ Tucson Family Photographer, Oro Valley Family Photographer

Some of my favorite family photo sessions are the ones I leave with my stomach hurting from laughing.  Yep, this was one of those shoots!  Still not sure if I can really call this whole Tucson Family Photographer gig a job…I have sooo much fun at all my sessions, and especially this one! 

Meet the Lipphardt family - Ryan, Tonya, Richelle and Ty (or Little Brian Flanagan, as his Auntie calls him!).  

Family sits on grass with a desert background for their portrait session

Tonya is my best friend’s sister!  Isn't she stunning?? She received a gift certificate for a session and prints at her baby shower for Ty, and we were finally able to get our session scheduled! This is such a sweet family, and it was even more special that it was my BFF’s Margo's sister. Tonya and Margo are so much alike - they both crack me up, so you can imagine there was lots of laughing going on here!

Husband and wife pose for a couple portrait at Tucson park

Tucson child lays on grass in Tucson sporting fun accessories

Child looks towards mother at a Tucson grassy park

We laughed the most when Richelle was holding court. She was so so funny. I would say, "show me your special smile" And she would. And then I would say, "show me your smile for Auntie Margo", and we could get a different smile. And so on and so on for all of her family members. Yep, she’s totally Tonya's little mini me, for sure.  Loved this little sassy attitude! 

Child looks towards mother at a Tucson grassy park

Little girl poses for Tucson Photographer with flowers in the foreground

Baby Ty was sooo cute with his red hair and funny faces! He wasn't too sure about the lady with the camera, OR that green stuff he was sitting on (the grass…such an elusive creature in these parts).  We managed to capture lots of silly faces and even a smile here and there!

Tucson baby sitting on textured brick during family photo shoot

Tucson baby stares up at child photographer’s camera

His Auntie Margo calls him "little Brian Flanagan" due to his red hair. She says he looks like a little Irishman :) 

And Ryan, well, not gonna lie, most Dads are not so much into the whole family photo scene, but I think Tonya might have bribed him. He didn't even complain one tiny bit when I had him and Tonya smooch it up (wink wink!).

Sister sits on grass and hugs little brother at Tucson park

Tonya and Ryan, I had such a great time hanging out with you guys! The kiddos are getting so big and so beautiful. I wish you much love and happiness!
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My Big Birthday Bash Giveaway! ~ Tucson Family Photographer, Tucson Senior Photographer, Tucson Child Photographer

Oh my goodness, I’m excited!!  Like, really excited!
My photography business has just turned 2 and I am just completely, totally twitterpated!  It’s been sooo much fun these past 2 years – meeting amazing people, photographing tender moments, and capturing memories for Tucson’s most beautiful  people. Yep – that’s YOU!!
I’m super excited about this milestone in my business and well, what’s a birthday without a party, right? So, yep, we’re gonna have one, complete with cake and ice cream, and presents!
Tuesday, 11/8, you’ll be able to enter the giveaway on the Facebook page, and there are prizes for local peeps AND out of the area friends, too! And best of all? There’s no catch. You don’t have to leave comments here on the blog (though I am always happy to hear from you!), you don’t have to go “like” my Facebook business page, or anyone else’s business page (but it’s sure nice if you go visit some of the great Tucson businesses that have donated prizes). After all, a gift isn’t a gift if you have to do something in return, right?

Here’s a little peek at all the fun that’s coming next week:

Go ahead. Do the happy dance. I don’t blame you, it’s a pretty cool party ;)
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