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It's here! Free stuff.

I know that I’ve said countless times how much I appreciate it when my clients refer their family and friends to me for their own family photos, or high school senior portraits. 
And that I couldn’t run my business without referrals.
And that nothing feels better than knowing my clients trust me enough to send a friend.
Well, it’s true. 
And it’s time that I showed you that I love you right back.
Because I do.
And because happy relationships go both ways, right?
I’m super excited to announce the Send A Friend referral program. 

 Here’s how it works:
Beginning March 1st, SNP clients will receive a $25 VISA gift card for each booked and paid referral.  Yep, every one.  Even better, your friend will receive a $25 credit to apply toward their print purchase. I know it’s not a new Michael Kors handbag, or an iPAD, but it sure could add up to that, right?   It pays to share the love!
Have someone in mind already? Know someone that is way overdue for their family photos?  Send ‘em over to the SNP Facebook page so they can join in all the fun we have over there.

Thanks again, friends, for the love and support you give me and my little ol’ camera. I have the best clients ever, and I am blessed to be the photographer for Tucson’s most beautiful people!

Book Nuts | Tucson Family Photographer, Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!, Catalina Foothills Photographer, Family Photographer in Tucson

I really have the best jobs in the world...I work with one of the most generous, amazing, and talented family and child photographers here in Tucson and I'm a stay at home mom.  I'm not really sure I can call either one a job though!  I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds.  I get to spend all day with my boys and work from home.  I truly am living the dream!  I especially love it when Stephanie hands over the blog and I get to give all of you a glimpse into my world.  Here is one of those times!
“Be awesome! Be a book nut!”  -  Dr. Seuss  - Sharing this fun post from Callie, today!

I’m an avid reader.  I love books!  There is something so magical about being able to transport into a different time and place.  Reading is one of my joys and I hope to instill that love of reading to my boys, which is why I insist on them being surrounded with all sorts of wonderful books.  And let me tell you, these boys have a TON of books!  Although, the collection was started way before we ever had children.  I have many from my own childhood, but I also have a lot from my teaching days.  Yep, before I was a mother, I was a teacher.

Posed collection of children’s books

The teacher in me always seems to come out this time of year.  Holidays were always sooo much fun when I was teaching.  There was so much you could do with the kids.  One of the days I loved the most was Dr. Seuss’ birthday…March 2nd.  It was a great excuse to have a birthday party and read Dr. Seuss stories all day!  The kids always loved it and I did too!  It was a little break from the norm.

Now that my boys are getting older, I thought it would be fun to have a little Dr. Seuss birthday celebration for them.  Since their grandparents fly in on March 2nd, we decided to celebrate a few days early, which works out well for you in case you want to do something fun with your kiddos too.

Here are a few highlights from our Dr. Seuss Day.

Portrait of breakfast for child
Bread and Butter (from Oh Say Can You See) and Yink's Pink Ink Drink (from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish)

Candid portrait of a young child wearing a Dr. Seuss Hat
My oldest modeling his Cat in the Hat hat

Child modeling a homemade paper hat
And my youngest.

Homemade child creation for birthday celebration
A mosaic fishy (from Cat in the Hat or One Fish, Two Fish)

Fun child snack idea for birthday celebration
Grilled Cheese Fish surrounded by Fish Eggs (AKA grapes) with Ocean Water (from One Fish, Two Fish)

Fun healthy family dessert
Blue Goo (from Fox in Socks) Birthday dessert

Tucson child poses for a quick candid portrait
Kaden REALLY liked this!

Dinner ideas for the whole family
Poodles Eating Noodles (from Fox in Socks)

Want to have your own Dr. Seuss Birthday party with your kids?  Check out a few fun sites I found with some great Dr. Seuss food ideas!  

Serving from Home

Thanks for allowing me to share with you a day in our crazy, busy life.   Go get Seussical ;)

 - Callie (Creative Director, Stephanie Newbold Photography) 


Happy Trails! ~ Tucson Family Photographer, Family Portraits Outdoors, Fun Family Photos in Tucson

This Tucson family photographer is blessed. And humbled. I am so very thankful for my beautiful, amazing, fun clients! Not only have I made the most fun friendships by connecting with the families I photograph, I have been honored to meet so many of their friends and family through referrals.  That truly is the greatest compliment and honor a photographer can receive. 

A  big hug and thanks to my client and friend Jackie Callahan for sending this fabulous family my way!  Meet the Wood Family…Greg, Clare Ellis-Wood, Eloise, and Oliver.

Family poses during session at a Tucson desert

These world travelers and all around fabulous folks found their way to Tucson from South Africa, and are now headed to Australia!  Actually, they are already there -- I have been completely remiss in blogging last Fall's family photography sessions. I am so sorry, Greg and Clare!!  But here they are, and aren't they grand?!?  During their time in Tucson, they absolutely fell in love with our desert here, and when it was time to move on, they contacted me for help in capturing some family photos to "rememberize" (as my daughter used to say) their time in our beautiful Sonoran desert.

Couple poses for family portrait in Tucson desert

We spent a beautiful afternoon together in Pima Canyon.  We hiked up the trail head a bit for beautiful views of the Catalina Mountains, and the Tucson cityscape below.  Pima Canyon is gorgeous and a perfect location to truly capture the essence of the Tucson desert.  As we hiked, we chatted like old chums and I got to know the family a little better.  They are definitely active, outdoorsy nature lovers, and have such an enthusiasm for living life - it's contagious! Best of all,  I LOVED that Greg knew a bit about photography and that he was a Canon guy.  He even knew what kind of lens I had without even having to take a close-up look. Yep, instant liking!

Natural posed shot of siblings during family session

Husband and wife pose for a photograph at desert location” title=

Eloise and Oliver were so cute and so fun!  They reminded me so much of my brother and I -- giggling, poking, nudging, pestering, and loving :)

Children model a great child pose for photographs

Eloise was darling!  I mean, look at those curls!  And that sweater was to die for! 

Sahuarita girl modeling a what to wear classic sweater

Ollie was a bit disappointed we weren't going to be rock climbing with ropes, and repelling in the canyon, haha. He seemed to be somewhat pacified by climbing up and down the boulders just off the trailhead. Such a little bundle of that energy!

Little boy stands with hands in pocket in the desert

Candid photograph of brother and sister while being posed for a family portrait

Candid portrait of mother and daughter during family session

I even managed to coax Greg and Clare into a few shots of the two of them :) I looooove love love when Mom and Dad take a few minutes for themselves during their session. Lots of times we focus on our kiddos, because we're looking to capture their fleeting childhood -- but it's so important to remember and nurture the cornerstone of our family unit... 

Husband and wife look naturally posed during family hike

Beautifully colored photograph of man and woman at perfect Tucson Photography Location

And how cute is this?!?  I loved the sweetness between these siblings...

Candid portrait of brother kissing sister on cheek

Happy trails, Ellis-Wood Family!  Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of capturing your time here in our desert!  Thank goodness for Facebook, so we can stay in touch!

Candid portrait of brother kissing sister on cheek


P.S.  How about you, Mr. and Mrs. Blog Readers?  Do you have friends who are looking for a family photographer?  Send them my way and you’ll both receive a $25 gift card when they book a session with me!  We’re booking April sessions now, so hurry and get your spot before our hot summer months are here!


Looks We Love {Little Sweethearts} | Family Photographer in Tucson, Wardrobe Ideas for Kids, Tucson Portrait Photographer

I LOVE Valentine's Day! It's always something big in our family -- pink and red desserts and goodies, heartfelt cards to each other, little love notes in your little sweethearts' lunch boxes (yes, they are tweens and teens already, but they're never too big for a love note!). Yep, we're in love with love :)

I do miss the days of classroom Valentines parties, and dressing up my littles in fun outfits.   As our kids get older, the days of glittery tutus and stiped leggings may be gone, but dressing fun and festive doesn't have to stop.  We've put together some looks we love that are themed around Valentine's Day, but that aren't overkill with hearts and cupids and that your kids will actually like to wear. The colors may be centered around reds and pinks, but you can apply the general concepts to any day's wardrobe choices, including your family photo session!

Putting together outfits for your kiddos is fun but there are a couple of things to keep in mind when doing so.  First off, you want to be sure to get them something that they will be comfortable in and that reflects their little personalities.  Forcing them to wear something that YOU like but THEY don't is a lose/lose scenario, an no one ends up happy.  Secondly, don’t forget the accessories.  Yep, accessories for your little ones are important too.  They take an ordinary “okay” outfit and turn it into a FABULOUS outfit that will help our kids look and feel AMAZING.
So what kind of accessories are we talking about?  Hats, belts, scarves, bracelets, hair pretties, and of course, shoes!  My 12 year old, Chase, is a freak about shoes. He always considers whether of not his shoes "go" with his outfit. I love that!

Check out these fun Valentines looks for your girls.   

Picture Perfect What to Wear Wardrobe idea

Notice how the individual pieces are cute by themselves, but once you add a headband, some beads or a bracelet, you've got an adorable look. See how we added some contrasting colors in the beads and headband? If your girls are like my girl, they wear what they LIKE, and not necessarily what always looks "best". It's so great to guide their choices in the basics, but still be able to allow them some individuality. And like we always say -- matchy matchy is sooooo overrated :)

What I love best about these looks is that they're comprised of basic pieces your girl probably already has. The contrasting accessories add in that pop of color, and the ruffled jacket and top let your tomboy bring out her inner girly girl, while still giving her an outfit that works on the playground.

 What to Wear wardrobe ideas for kids

Accessories aren’t just for your girls.  Chase has a fedora that his Uncle Mike gave him, and it ends up being added to about every outfit he puts on.

Perfect Wardrobe ideas for boys.

Hats and belts are a great way to dress up your little guy's look without making them put on "dress clothes".

Boys what to wear wardrobe ideas for family portraits

Add in some fun colored Converse, let him keep his wristbands on, and you'll end up with an outfit that looks great, and you both can live with :)  When he feels like he's rockin' his look,  you'll have a happy, confident kiddo who is much more willing to give you that grin you love for your family photo!

And speaking of family photos - the weather in Tucson is perfect right now for your outdoor family photo session!  I love photographing kiddos and families during this time of year in Tucson -- the days are warm enough so the kids can run and play without being completely bundled up, and yet cool enough that Mom's not sweating off her mascara :)  I have one Saturday in March left open, and only two Saturdays in April.  Come see me...I'll make your family look even more gorgeous than you already are :)



Boots & Bunnies

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life just a teeny bit better. You know, like your favorite boots and stuffed bunny?  I mean, life’s pretty good here in Tucson, AZ, but really…who doesn’t need a little help from their friends now and then? 

Miss Remi Kate brought both to our photo session, along with her pink tutu, denim jacket, and her gorgeous Mom and Dad (who both rocked their own pair of boots!).  Remi’s family was referred to me by my friend/hair stylist extraordinaire/client Andrea – I think she knew I would love them instantly, and she was right!  Remi's beautiful Mom, Kim, is also a styling genius at Gadabout SalonSpas -- go see her, she'll make you look like a million bucks!!

I enjoyed getting to know Kim and Jeremy so much – it felt like we were old friends in a matter of minutes (which makes family photography sessions so relaxed and fun!).

Lola, (my camera – yes, she has a name), can be a little intimidating sometimes, and this sweet girl just wasn’t quite sure about the whole, “camera in your face” thing at first.  That is, until she saw my little green chair, and decided it was perfect for her bunny.

Stuffed bunny posed on baby chair in Tucson park

After Bunny had her close-up, little Remi was ready for hers.   That bow. That sweet little rosebud mouth. That twinkle in her eye that says, “hellloooooo, world, Remi’s here!!” SWOON. 

Baby girl modeling what to wear outfit during child photo session

Our session started out with a bit of gray sky and the rain threatened to sprinkle on us, but we ended up with a couple of hours of warm and yummy sunlight – a Tucson specialty no matter the time of year.  It was so fun to follow this little dynamo around as she explored Agua Caliente Park and to share in all of the wonder and marvel of being 2.  

Of course, there is always time for kisses for Daddy!

Candid picture of daddy and baby girl kissing with beautiful use of sun flare technique

And to make friends with the ducks!
Little girl wearing tutu feeding ducks by pond during birthday session

Kim and Jeremy, thank you for a magical afternoon with your beautiful family!

It was so much fun!

PS – Friends, your referrals mean the world to me, and I want to thank you for each and every friend you send to me! For each booked and paid referral, you’ll receive a $25 VISA gift card.  Your friend will receive a $25 credit to apply to their session fee or purchase.  It pays to share the love!
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