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Hey y'all! I'm Amanda, from Amanda Robinson Photography, and I'm so, so excited to be interning this summer with the lovely Steph! My first order of business is to talk a little about math.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Math? In photography?!

Yeah, girl. Math in photography. But it's actually fun stuff, I promise. Here are some easy math-isms that you can use to make your own photography as awesome as possible :)

The Rule of Thirds
The Rule of Thirds states that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally-spaced horizontal lines and two equally-spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.

example of rule of thirds using a photograph of horse

modern dancer photograph in black and white as an example of the rule of thirds

Ratios and Focus

The best portrait pictures look like this:
Beautiful girl with blue eyes poses for senior portraits

The subject is in focus, but the background is not. But how do you make sure this occurs? It's all about the ratio of the distance between the camera and subject and between the subject and background.
If A < B, then the background of the picture will be out of focus while the subject is in focus.
Photograph of desert landscape to demonstrate focus

In this picture, the chiminea is 9 feet away from the branch hanging in front of it and the branch is 9 feet from the camera. The background is almost as in focus as the subject.
Desert landscape in background of photograph of tree branch

When the distance between the camera and subject is cut in half, the background becomes less focused.
Example of photography technique using distance to get an out of focus background

When the distance between the camera and subject is only 1 foot, the background again becomes noticeably less focused.

If A > B, then the background of the picture will be in focus while the subject is in focus.
Scenery picture showing beautiful textures in desert setting

The distance between the wall and chiminea is 6 feet while the distance between the subject and camera is 9 feet. Both the subject and the background are in focus.
Final Products

When you put all of this information to use, you end up with pictures that are perfectly in focus or perfectly out of focus, and the rule of thirds can do wonders for composition.
Photograph of landscape during a Tucson Arizona sunset

Purple flower with vivid colors in Tucson park

Black and white photo of a countryside fence with great texture

Hands of a rustic clock pictured with sharp focus

Teen girl looks into professional camera for senior photo session

Ocean views at sunset during family photo session

Diagram example of photography composition technique


Little Clients are Big Fun! | Fun Family Photos in Tucson, Tucson Family Photographer

I love my little itty bitty clients.  Yep, they are one of the best things about being a photographer! I love their little fingers.  I love their little toes.  I love the way they toddle around and how everything is brand new to them!  I love seeing the excitement and joy in their eyes as they explore.  They are so much fun. And I fell head over heels for this little one! 

Toddler toddling on brick pathway

Meet Mehalia.

Candid picture of baby girl holding a stuffed animal

Her daddy and mommy, John and Leilani, found me through a Google search and boy am I glad they did! They were such a fun family to work with and I left the session feeling like I hadn’t been “working”, but rather playing with friends!

Beautiful family portrait of Tucson family

The day of our session was overcast and a little breezy but Miss Mehalia was a spot of sunshine, for sure! This little girl was so so so sweet - she was constantly hugging her mom and dad, and even me, from the moment I met her. She stole my heart completely. I love love love that I was able to capture the hugs and kisses with her mom and dad. Those are treasured moments for sure.

Dad watching as baby girl runs across Tucson park

We spent our time chasing Mehalia - she explored every inch of our little patch of Brandi Fenton Park. I love this age - they've just started walking and are so curious about their world. Sometimes it makes getting "portraits" a little difficult because they're running everywhere and I'm following, but we captured some beautiful, sweet, fun, family memories here, and I just love them!

Toddler exploring Tucson park during family session

Little girl playing with her toes on green grass

Lamb stuffed animal getting portrait taken

Mother and daughter pose for photo

Tender moment between a family of three

Toddler girl walks barefoot through the grass

Father snuggles his baby girl during photo shoot

Mother and daughter sharing a fun moment in a green Tucson location

Portrait of a young Sahuarita family at a local park

Thank you John and Leilani for spending the afternoon with me and allowing me the honor of photographing your beautiful family! It truly was my joy and pleasure!


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